Most people know bees for the wonderful honey they create. The special food for queen bees, called royal jelly, is also an incredible health supplement, but few people know about the amazing propolis. 

When bees are creating and repairing their hives, they use a substance called propolis – ‘pro’  is Greek for defence, ‘polis’ for a tight community, a city. 

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Bee Propolis Benefits

When ingested, propolis has been known to kill bacteria and viruses, especially in the gut. Given that the gut makes up 70% of cells in the immune system, this property has been known to help fight bacterial and viral infections. 

Propolis has also been used extensively to heal wounds. Apart from preventing infection, it stimulates new cell growth and helps to accelerate the cicatrization of external wounds. It has also been used to improve bone density, heart health, and protects internal organs such as the liver from damage. 

Bee Propolis Capsules

Taken raw, bee propolis isn’t much good to the body because of poor bioavailability. That is because it is composed of mostly resinous compounds which pass through the gut without being broken down. However, propolis extract in the form of capsules is digested and absorbed more readily, making available its numerous health benefits to the body. Order propolis capsules and other bee products today for both local delivery in New Zealand and global shipping.

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