Joint, Bone & Muscle

Many people in New Zealand experience pain in the joints and muscles that may lead them to consider joint support supplements. These pains can be a consequence of growing older, or people may have injuries or conditions that contribute to their discomfort. Painkillers are a common way of managing this pain, but people looking for a gentler solution may look to supplements to help support their bones, muscles and joints.

Joint Support Supplements

Many joint support supplements that nurture joint health have anti-inflammatory properties. For example, studies have found that the chemicals in green-lipped mussel extract may decrease swelling, which can help people manage pain. Omega-3 fatty acids are also anti-inflammatory, so fish oil and squalene oil can have a beneficial impact on joint pain, and also help hair, skin and nails. Noni powder, on the other hand, is thought to have analgesic properties that may block pain and help users live a fuller life.

It’s often better to prevent pain rather than manage it, so products that boost joint health are also a good addition to a supplement program. Studies into glucosamine show that it may help support the cartilage in the joints, which can help keep those joints moving smoothly.

Increasing Bone and Muscle Health

Moving easily and pain-free is not just about joints. Bone and muscle health can also help people stay active. MSM powder is a popular muscle supplement that can improve joint tissue and collagen production. Users may also see benefits to their heart health. Manganese is a mineral that helps the body form the proper structure for strong bones. It’s just one of the bone health supplements included in the KNH Joint Care Plus formula.

Whether you’re looking for an all-in-one joint support or a product that targets a specific problem, there are supplements that may help. Browse New Zealand Health Food Company’s range of bone, muscle and joint supplements to find a product that’s right for you. 

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