Eye Health

Eyes are a complicated and delicate organ that we rely on to be healthy every day. When our eyesight is affected by illness, age, or an accident, we realise how much we take our eyes for granted.

New Zealand Health Food Co believes that by taking the right ingredients that are associated with healthy eyesight, we can help provide lasting eye health and longer eye function. New Zealand Health Food Co offers several eye supplements that can help improve eye health and eye functionality.Our supplements are filled with antioxidants and healthy oils, designed to bring our customers high-quality products.

Eye Vitamins for Healthy Vision

By putting the right things into your body you can help maintain your eyesight. When combined with a healthy diet and consistent exercise, eye supplements can help keep your eyes working for longer.

The products we stock can help with eye functionality, aid in clarifying skin, boost energy levels, and aid in reducing joint inflammation.

Nourish Your Eyes

Here at New Zealand Health Food Co, we love being able to bring natural products to you and your family. Our KNH Omega 3 Fish Oil and New Zealand Health Food Bilberry supplements can help maintain the health of your eyes.

Packed full of goodness, these products can help eye clarity, eye-focus, lower cholesterol and maintain blood levels.

How to use our Eye Supplements

Make sure to read the directions before using our eye health supplements and discuss any queries you might have with a general practitioner.

If you would like to speak further about any of our products or have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.