Brain Health

Brain health at all ages

Looking after your brain health now will help to maintain its function as you grow older. Our brain requires the right vitamins if it is to perform as it should, in the short and the long term, and this is where brain health supplements can help.

The importance of brain vitamins for health

The right brain vitamins are essential for brain development in children and adults, and to preserve vital functions such as memory in older age. Making sure you get the right brain health supplements and foods will help you care for your brain’s health at all stages of development. We supply a range of brain supplements and nutrient-rich foods that will complement a healthy lifestyle. 

The benefits of Omega-3 fish oil and Mānuka Honey

Providing the right fuel for your brain is vital. A product we highly recommend is KNH Omega-3 Fish Oil. Omega-3 fish oil contains fatty acids, important for brain development and function. They play a vital role in preserving the health of the brain cell membranes and promote good communication between the cells. 

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