Allergy Support

Bee Pollen: Natural Allergy Support

Nothing slows you down more than sneezing, itching, stuffiness, and watery eyes that come with seasonal allergies. If you’ve tried over-the-counter remedies without any success, you know that many of these products only make matters worse. We offer natural allergy supplements that offer exceptional allergy support and help improve your overall well being.  

Some of our bee products contain natural bee pollen that is rich in essential nutrients and vitamins. The pollen helps strengthen your immune system and minimises your body’s allergic response when it comes into contact with those airborne allergens.

How to Use Our Bee Products

If you opt for our bee pollen granules, you can mix it in foods like granola, porridge, or smoothies.  Bee pollen aid in allergy support, improving memory, improving a sluggish metabolism, and reducing the signs of aging in skin.

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Our nutrient-dense Mānuka Honey products are produced in New Zealand. This honey is made by bees that pollinate tiny white flowers of the manuka bush, which is found in the unadulterated forests of New Zealand and blooms just 2-6 weeks per year.

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