Food & Beverage

When Hippocrates – better known as the father of modern medicine – said, “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food,” it was 431 B.C., but the sage medical advice holds true.

According to the World Health Organization, eating a balanced, varied diet is “an important step towards a happy and healthy lifestyle,” and not only plays a role in the development of a health immune system, but can also protect against diseases including type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, bone and joint disorders. 

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Health Foods And Beverages

Still, even the healthiest of diets can have deficiencies, experts say, making supplemental foods such as protein powder, superfood supplements, fiber, omega-rich seeds, apple cider vinegar, plant-based beverages packed with free-radical fighting antioxidants and other nutrient-dense items excellent additions to any diet.

As the food and beverage industry becomes more aware of a growing consumer base looking to live a healthier, more holistic lifestyle, companies are producing more products that focus on health and wellness, so the available options are growing every day.

The selections from us at New Zealand Health Food Company are sourced from proven suppliers who only offer the highest-quality items, ranging from protein bars and other protein-based items that can help support an active lifestyle by providing energy to fuel a muscle- or endurance-building workout, speeding muscle recovery after a workout and protect against muscle loss to beverages packed with the powerful antioxidants that can provide sustained energy while fighting against the oxidative stress associated with free radicals.

The products available on our website take advantage of the phytochemicals, polyphenols and other nutrients found in nature to provide better natural food and beverage options to create a diet of which even Hippocrates would approve. 

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