Royal Jelly

The queen bee lives, on average, 2-7 years. That is 8-28 times the lifespan of drones or worker bees. The secret to her health and longevity is in the food she eats, aptly called royal jelly. The worker bees create it especially for her and the royal brood, and it is so much better than honey.

This royal bee food is full of unique proteins and beneficial compounds that science hasn’t even begun to decipher. However, the consensus is that its health benefits are extensive. At NZ Health Food Co, we have explored these benefits for decades and have since set out to make bee products and other natural supplements available to all.

Royal Bee Jelly Benefits

Royal jelly is a creamy white substance packed with nutrients. It is responsible for the growth and development of bee larvae, and its nourishing benefits extend to the human body. 

Besides being extraordinarily nutritious, royal jelly has been shown to have extensive antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and antibacterial properties. That is why we set out to make Royal Jelly capsules to bring this miracle food to everyone. 

Buy Royal Jelly Capsules 

NZ Health Food Co brings you world-class quality royal jelly capsules. With the right vitamins and supplements, a healthy diet and exercise, we know that anyone can lead a healthy and long life just like the queen bee. 

We also sell bee propolis capsules, that has been known for helping immune health and healing. Our products ship throughout New Zealand and globally with very low shipping fees. For more information regarding our products or services, please contact our team. At NZ Health Food Co, our aim is to help you live a healthier life