Beauty & Personal Care

Skin is the body’s largest organ, and because it provides a protective shield against pollutants, it stands up to a lot of abuse.

Taking care of that skin by following a natural skin-care regimen is one of the best things you can do to not only feel good, but look good as well, and we at New Zealand Health Food Company have got you covered. 

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Beauty Products NZ: Skin Care, Cosmetics & Anti Aging Products

We not only offer numerous anti-aging products – signs of aging are slowed not only through the consumption of key nutrients including antioxidants, but also through nutrient-infused topicals – the products we make available harvest ingredients from nature, infusing skin with high-quality nutrients that are healthier than chemical-based products with a list of ingredients too complex to pronounce.

Our skincare collection also includes products for men and women that cleanse, soothe and support skin structure and appearance, and range from placenta-based moisturizes that may help encourage the production of new collagen for younger, more radiant-looking skin, to a line of gentle baby products including shampoo, massage oil, body wash and lotions. We also have skincare that is specific for acne prone skin for both teenagers and adults.

Our focus on ingredients with New Zealand origins such as Manuka honey makes it easier to look and feel younger. Honey is not only a natural antibacterial, it is also packed with antioxidants, protecting skin from free radical damage that can trigger dark spots, fine lines and wrinkles. Our product selections include honey-based cleanser, toner, serums and moisturizers, all of which take advantage of honey’s beautiful benefits.

Additionally, look for natural lipsticks and lip balms for soft (dare we say kissable) lips, specialty oils such as rose hip oil, believed to help improve the appearance of scars, natural body wash and lotions, hand cream and natural insect repellents, deodorants and sunscreen products. 

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