Our Story

The Beginning

Rob and Lynda Haines started the New Zealand Health Food Company in 1988 because they shared a vision of supplying hand-picked natural health products, to enrich the lives of Kiwis.

“Established national and international brands asked me to supply them with quality ingredients for their own production. As some of these ingredients grew in popularity and spurred on by my customer’s success, I developed our own retail brands; ‘NZHF’ and ‘Kiwi Natural Health’ in the mid-1990’s”.

Export markets were established by this time and continue to grow each year as the world’s demand for natural ingredients increases.

In 2008 the ‘KNH’ and Dr. Bee ranges were launched and then in late 2015 ‘Manuka South®’ was launched. These were developed using the best formulation science available, and the most up-to-date knowledge and resources.

Since then, this range has continued to expand as new ingredients developed.

Manuka South®

Behind the scenes

Our Wholesale Sales division, Internet Marketing team, Admin staff, Operations and of course our Production team, are all housed under the one roof. Production staff work hard to supply products not only for our website, but also individual customer orders both for local and export markets.