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People are more interested in living wholesome, environmentally conscious lives than ever before. They’re not just eating better and exercising more either. They’re making a conscious effort to become better informed in regards to healthy living practices, wellness supplements, and environmentally conscious living.  As such our product range continues to grow and adapt to meet customer demands.

While originally starting with our New Zealand focused Kiwi Natural Health and New Zealand Health Food ranges.  It soon became clear that there was a real need for a broader range of supplements to cover more individual needs.  The KNH range was developed in 2008 to do exactly that and has since become a trusted household brand to our 1000’s of loyal customers.  At the same time we saw the growing popularity of the fantastic benefits of bee products and manuka honey, which was something unique that New Zealand could offer the world.

We offer our product range for purchase here on our website, and ship worldwide, making us a one stop shop for all of your natural health requirements. We are continually evaluating the products we stock, our formulations and our customers needs to make sure we are providing our customers with the best natural health options.

Quality Assurance

New Zealand Health Food Company is committed to providing high quality products, effective product development and outstanding customer service. We do this to help you live better naturally.

We operate a quality management system (QMS) to ensure that we deliver products that are of a consistent high quality. Our QMS is accredited to New Zealand Food Safety Authority standards. This allows our customers the reassurance that our products are produced using the best cGMP guidelines and principles.

New Zealand Health Food Company has had a commitment to producing quality products since 1988. As part of this commitment, a government registered and approved Risk Management Programme (RMP) is in place. This approval assures that all products manufactured under it are produced to certified HACCP guidelines.

Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) is a world standard risk management system and incorporates a systematic approach to managing chemical, physical and biological hazards in the manufacturing process.

New Zealand Health Food Company closely manages product manufacture; from initial development to sale, ensuring that only products that reach its high standard are sold.

Unique Manuka Factor Honey Association (UMF)

New Zealand Health Food Company is an active participant and supporter of the natural products industry in New Zealand. We are a current UMF license holder, which is necessary to provide 100% pure certified UMF Manuka honey to the marketplace.  You can find more information about what makes UMF Manuka honey totally unique on the official Unique Manuka Factor Honey Assocation website:  http://www.umf.org.nz  You will also be able to find New Zealand Health Food Company listed as a authorised licence holder on their Licencees page here: http://www.umf.org.nz/umf-members/

Under our licence number 1053 we produce our own premium quality range of UMF Manuka honey products.  We also supply the same premium quality products to international partners: