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Winter blues

Winter Blues

Got the Winter Blues? We got you! 

I am trying hard to get out for my weekly hill walk, but I have to say it has been a battle of the minds on those cold days to keep the momentum going. It can be super hard to keep on top of exercise and feeling healthy during winter. The lack of sunshine in itself is enough to convince me sometimes that we should make like the bears and hibernate for winter. But here are some of my go-to's for this season to get on top of the winter blues! 

Vitamin D

This is my number one for winter. Why? Well did you know that in order for the body to make Vitamin D from sunshine the sun actually needs to be shining over 50 degrees above the horizon. 
So.. get this... in New Zealand our sun does not shine over this minimum benchmark between March to September (North Island) and March to October (South Island) 

So the only way to get vitamin during these months is by eating foods high in Vitamin D or by supplementing. 

Food ideas include sardines with bones, herring, mackerel, liver, eggs and foods fortified with vitamin D. However as you can see it would still be hard to achieve adequate amounts of Vitamin D through diet alone. So supplementation during these months is crucial. 

Vitamin D is essential for the immune system during the winter months. It is needed for proper immune responses (also a reason why it is essential for auto-immune conditions). It signals the production of many of the immune cells to help fight off infection. 

Another reason why Vitamin D is called "winter blues" supplement is that it actually helps people with low mood, which for some can be more obvious in the darker winter months than any other time of the year. The reason for this is still unclear but what is known is that a vitamin D deficiency can often be found in people who suffer from depression and people how suffer "seasonal effective disorder". 

Vitamin D is not only essential for immunity and mood disorders, but also for bone health, oral health, cardiovascular health and muscle strength. 

Try the Ethical Nutrients Daily D, or if you are like me and have little ones, try the Clinicians Vitamin D3 with K2. The two nutrients work syerngestically ensuring the Vitamin D is utilised effectively and efficiently. 

Vitamin D


Nutra-Life Advanced Immune

This is a new product from Nutra-Life and is the perfect winter multi in a capsule. It has their wonderful Ester-C Vitamin C which stays in the white blood cells for up to 24 hours offering great winter immune support. But also has the benefit of Garlic which is a potent antimicrobial as well as super high levels of Olive Leaf Extract and of course also includes Zinc. This capsule formula makes it the perfect product to take over winter to help boost your immune system and you can increase the amount if you feel a wee sniffle coming on. 

You can read more here



Artemis Immune Boost Tea / Slim and Trim Tea

You may know already I am HUGE fan of the Artemis range of herbal loose leaf teas. Their blends are specifically chosen and handpicked for you to enjoy and let me tell you... for herbal teas they really are popular. The immune boost is an absolute must for the winter months as it will help to support your upper respiratory health. 

It is wonderful hot or cold and if you like you can add Manuka Honey and Lemon to a tepid cup of Immune Boost (so as not to kill off the beneficial effect of Manuka Honey) for a perfect winter tonic. 

But why stop there?
I still have my Slim and Trim Tea over the winter months.. because ahhhh. let's face it... as the bear does in winter... I do too and that is I tend to over eat (just slightly) over the winter months...even if I try really hard not to. This is where the Slim and Trim Tea us super helpful. The Yerba Mate gives you the energy you need to keep you going on those cold days, but also the blend of herbs help to stablise blood sugar levels and overall what this means is that you tend to lose the need to snack/graze. This is a popular one in our retail store and we get loads of great feedback on this one. 



Lifestream Circulate

This is popular in summer also but particularly in winter for those people who suffer from poor circulation and really suffer through the winter months with colds hands and feet. For people with poor circulation winter can be really hard and no amount of winter thermals or possum fur gear can be helpful for those winter walks. 

This is where the Lifestream Circulate may be really helpful. The blend of nutrients helps to promote good circulation of blood, as well the natural "warming" that is needed. It is particularly useful for those who suffer from Raynaud's, or who anyone that has general poor circulation to the outer limbs. Circulate may also help those with high cholesterol or high blood pressure. 



Kiwi Herb EchiBerry

One for the kids! I love this one myself but actually the kids love it too. And yes, they too need some extra support during the winter months! So this is a super easy way to get the immune nutrient into their day. Kiwi Herb EchiBerry is a liquid tonic which has the equivalent of 45g of fresh berries in every 10ml as well as Echinicea and Manuka Honey. Not only is it a great immune tonic for winter but it is also an excellent source of antioxidants. I add 10ml to the kid's drink bottle for the day and they just lvoe it! And yes, I add it to mine too ;) 

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Face Mask

I know random right! But why not! 
When you feel all winter bluey and tired, why not treat yourself to an at home facial. Skin is often dehydrated in the winter more so than the summer because we don't tend to drink a lot of water because it's too cold, but also we are constantly exposed to high amounts of heat through air conditioning, cat heaters, the roaring fire at home etc. So number one is drink water! But also try any one of these fantastic masks to beat the winter blues;

Oxygen Honey Face Mask:
Okay I am totally in love with this mask at the moment. I love the way the honey mask actually firms up on my face and afterwards my face feels so clean and so smooth! It is great for any type of skin as it helps to hydrate but also helps with oily/acne prone skin. The added Hops is also an excellent anti-inflammatory extract and the cucumber, aloe and apple extract help to brighten the skin. 

Sukin Hydrating Face Mask:
For those who have particularly dry skin or notice it much more in winter try this divine masque which includes mango, avocado, pineapple, papaya and oils such as jojoba and Olive as well as Shea butter and vitamin E. If I had dry skin I think I would use this one all the time as when I smell it, honestly it takes me to some far away tropical island straight away. This is a popular one for the ladies who need a little bit of extra hydration during the winter months. 

Wild Ferns Manuka Honey Face Mask:
This one is packed with antioxidants and skin nutrients such as Vitamin E, Royal Jelly and Collagen and is designed to not only nourish but hydrate the skin. The antioxidants will help to make the skin a little clearer and don't forget that yummy smell....hymmmmmmmmm

Face Mask


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