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Men's Health Awareness

Mens Health Awareness Month June 2017

It's Men's Health Awareness! 

June is Men's Health Awareness! Men are known for not talking too much about their health and seeing their GP's for concerns?! Where this stems idea... but we need the men in our lives, husbands, boyfriends, fathers, granddads and the likes to be more open to getting their healthy checks done on a regular basis.

We all know that our lifestyles have changed considerably in the last 50 years. The working week is much more fast paced and stressful, and the weekend living is also busy busy busy. With more fast food items on the menu to keep up with the hectic schedule it's really important to make sure that men are getting a good amount of nutrients on board to help support the body.

"30 something year old man with 2 young kids, executive manager, works 50 hours per week, like to run and cycle on the weekend, seeks more energy. Feels flat, does not sleep well, has headaches constantly, please help"

Busy Dad



"40 something year old man, runs own business, travels a lot for work overseas. lots of financial pressure, has IBS and cannot tolerate a lot of good foods, gets the flu or heavy cold every year, never has much energy in his down time so just sleeps a lot...I have sore joints all the time anyway so cant do any exercise....I need help....Please!"

Business Man


Sound familiar? These are just two examples of many that I have seen in clinic...and its pretty typical of many men these days who are just too busy to even consider their body is actually screaming out for attention. 

Good healthy non processed food in the foundation of any health treatment plan but even this can be really hard to manage for many. As the nutritional gap widens the health concerns pile up.

So where to start? 

First off where you can, see a GP for a general health check, get your bloods done to see if there are any immediate concerns that need addressing. A great example ts of someone who felt otherwise healthy, went running every other day for good fitness who needed to get bloods done as part of a regular screening program and realised their LDL or bad cholesterol was through the roof. 
They were referred to a cardiologist us urgent who then did the complete testing to check their risk for cardio event, and it was high. And this is where it is truly important to get those regular bloods done as it a really good way to get a baseline to see what's happening on the inside. Don't be scared! 

Men's Health

Next thing

Take a supplement! These can range from a multi such as a KNH Multi-Vitamin which has all your vitamin and minerals. You may decide to try a Men's multi such as a Nutra Life Mens or Radiance Mens Multi. These have great herbs that could be helpful for energy. 

One I love to recommend is the Nuzest Good Green Stuff, which is not only packed with vitamins and minerals but also herbs for energy, stress, digestive and immune support, This is a great one to have either non its own or thrown into a daily smoothie. 

If you want to consider a couple of nutrients on their own then consider these; 

Korean GinsengA herbal extract regarded as a great tonic for Men as it helps with stress, energy and stamina.  

B VitaminsMany men are very stressed these days and a good B complex will help support stress and energy. 

ZincThis is a key nutrient needed for men to be able to produce healthy levels of testosterone. Stress, poor diet choices, alcohol and digestive issues can deplete the body's stores of zinc so consider getting a Zinc tally test in store to work out what your stores are like. It's also a great immune and skin nutrient. 

Antioxidant Complex - This is my number one recommendation for everyone in general, but for men who are particulary active, travel on a plane a lot for work, are exposed to chemicals or other enviromental toxins through work, then an antioxidant will be essential to help support the oxidation of molecules in the body that naturally occurs. 
Try the KNH Resveratrol Complex or Ethical Nutrients Antioxidant Selenium Protect or KNH Organic Acai

Men's Health


It's really important to consider key health concerns to such as digestive issues, headaches, low mood or depression, chronic pain etc as a way of your body telling you that something is not right. Again, if any of these issues are a constant for you - or the special man in your life - you should consider seeing your Doctor or other health practitioners such as a Clinical Nutritionist or Medical Herbalist. 

Low mood and depression is one that needs special mention. I like #menstartTalking... and the term "Ask a mate how he is doing". Although most men believe they should just harden up and get on with it... it is okay to talk, and as a mate you should be able to see the signs in a mate who needs some help. 
Hey even if you don't see the signs, what's wrong with just asking your bro how they are? Life is very hectic these days but it takes just a few seconds to quickly flick out a text or get on the phone to say gidday and ask that friend how they are doing without needing anything in return...that's right... you don't just call to ask to borrow something or get them to give you a hand with something on the weekend. You can actually just say gidday and ask how they are doing. 

Men's Health


In conclusion:

There are some great sites to head to and as I have mentioned some important nutrients to consider for the busy stressed out man. If you have any burning nutritional questions that you (or your man) want to ask then get a hold of the team here at NZ Health Food Company, we would love to help you! 


Claudia. Clinical Holistic Nutritionist who believes in the power of real food for creating vibrant health.