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Manuka South® Video

Manuka South® 

Manuka South® is the premium range of New Zealand Health Food Co. Nearly 30 years of experience and knowledge has gone into carefully creating the Manuka South® range.

You will see some amazing scenic shots of our beautiful New Zealand, some behind the scenes of Manuka South®, our honey, our talented bee's, our family and most importantly it helps show you what Manuka South® is about.



Manuka South® is a family business owned brand able to make decisions quickly, adapt to market changes, develop products according to demands and meet individual customer needs. We constantly strive to improve the way we do things. We ask, we listen and we learn from our colleagues and our customers.

We dare to be different and we embrace change. We may be a small team compared to some but we are big on passion.

If you would like to brouse through our amazing Manuka South® range click here.