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Best Multivitamin For Women – Top 5 Supplements For Women Online

While most of us try to eat a well-balanced diet and keep active, the truth is many of us become so busy with work and family that we often put our own health goals on the back-burner.

For women, taking the best multivitamin and supplements should never be a replacement for a horrible diet or no exercise.

Even when we are trying to be “good”, it is easy to have big gaps in our diet when it comes to meeting recommended daily intakes of certain nutrients.

This is where a good quality multivitamin and various supplements can benefit. However, it can be difficult to determine which is the best multivitamin for women.

In addition often times it can be impossible to reach a therapeutic level of a nutrient from diet alone.

As many people do not realize that the recommended daily allowance (RDA) of any given nutrient is only sufficient to keep a person from become deficient, while a therapeutic dose does of a nutrient, which is usually much higher than just the RDA, can actually improve health rather than just keep you hovering above the base line of deficiency.

When it comes the best multivitamin for women, it’s important to remember that a woman’s nutrient requirements can change over her life time so the best supplements for woman listed below will be based on a female aged 20-50 years of age. The best supplements and multivitamins for women include:

  • Omega 3 Fish Oil
  • Vitamin B Complex
  • Vitamin C
  • Calcium Complex with Vitamin D
  • Spirulina

Once a woman goes into her fifth decade there is some minor adjustment to be made.

These recommendations are mainly geared towards a generally healthy adult female who wishes to maintain health and wants to be proactive in the attempt to prevent future health issues.

We’ll discuss them in more detail below…

1. Omega 3 Fish Oil

Most experts recommend that we eat at least 3 servings of oily fish a week to obtain the proper amount of omega 3 that is needed to maintain health.

That being said, many people simply do not eat fish 3 times a week. Also to consider is that wild fish is much higher in omega 3 content than farmed fish. Yet most people only have easy access to farmed fish, which is usually very low in omega 3.

So, even if you were eating salmon 3 times a week, if it is farmed salmon you will be eating far below your quota of omega 3.

Most often it is stated that it is better to obtain nutrients from food rather than supplements, but in this case it is definitely necessary to take a fish oil supplement to be able to obtain the RDA of omega 3. Omega 3 fats contain two very important fatty acids called DHA and EPA.

These fatty acids are vital for the body to maintain good health. In addition to being very heart healthy and excellent for brain health, obtaining the proper amount of DHA has been shown in numerous studies to be vital for maintaining healthy weight levels. The human brain uses an exceptional amount of DHA when being developed in the womb.

Evolution has programed women’s bodies to closely monitor and store DHA in the fatty tissues of the body.

When we consume diets low in omega 3 and high in omega 6, our bodies increase our appetites, especially for fatty foods in an effort to try to obtain more omega 3’s through our diet. All of this is done to help support healthy reproduction.

Our body doesn’t care if we gain 10 extra kg trying to obtain enough DHA. Omega 3 and DHA is so important for proper foetal brain development that our bodies will send signals for us to eat more until it is satisfied with the amount of omega 3’s stored in our fatty tissue.

So, if maintaining a healthy weight is something you struggle with, adding a fish oil supplement to your diet is an easy change to make.

Enough about reproduction though. Omega 3 is also very good for the cardio vascular system because it helps to support reduced inflammation in the vessels and may balance blood fats.

There are so many benefits to taking fish oil and considering it doesn’t cost much to get a high quality fish oil supplement, you really can’t go wrong.

Our Top Omega 3 Picks

2. Vitamin B Complex

B vitamins are a very important group of water soluble nutrients.

They are in high amounts in fruits like berries and foods like whole grains. Vitamin B-12 though, is only really in high qualities in meat products.

So, if you eat a diet full of unprocessed fruits, veg, meat and grains everyday then chances are you are getting enough b vitamins in your diet.

Because b vitamins are water soluble, they do not store in the fatty tissues of the body and must be consumed daily in the diet to meet the body’s requirements.

B vitamins play a critical role in cell metabolism in the body. They:

  • help our bodies to utilize nutrients from foods to produce energy,
  • they increase neurotransmitter activity in the brain,
  • they help prevent anaemia and improve red blood cell quality and,
  • they are essential for proper nerve function and serotonin production.

Typically, people who are deficient in b vitamins will shows signs of fatigue, lack of mental focus, poor circulation, they can have symptoms of depression and slow metabolism.

With all the benefits of a regular intake of b vitamins, it makes sense to include a B complex supplement in our daily routine.

Quality can make a difference when choosing a B vitamin complex.

Often the supplements at the grocery store will contain such low levels of B vitamins that they would really, only prevent deficiency. But having enough of a nutrient just to cover deficiency and then taking enough to achieve a therapeutic effect are two different things.

Our Top Vitamin B Picks

3. Vitamin C

Vitamin C is an invaluable supplement that really should be taken every day.

There are two options to getting optimal levels of vitamin C into the body.

You can take a 500mg either chewable or tablet twice a day or you can take a 1000mg time released tablet once a day. Vitamin C, like B vitamins, are water soluble and any excess is excreted in the urine.

So daily intake of this vitamin is essential.

Vitamin C has many functions in the body.

One of its main roles is in maintaining collagen to support healthy skin, blood vessels, ligaments, joints, bones and teeth.  It is also necessary for proper wound healing and scar formation.

Vitamin C is also a powerful antioxidant and aids in supporting the immune system.

Because vitamin c is such an effective antioxidant it also aids the liver in the detoxification process by neutralizing many of the oxidized free radicals that are a natural part of liver detoxification.

If you have been out in the sun all day and maybe have a burn, it’s a good idea to take some extra vitamin c to help to the body not only repair the skin from the UV rays but also to help with the extra free radicals that are created by over exposure to sun UV.

Our Top Vitamin C Picks

4. Calcium Complex with Vitamin D

Daily calcium supplementation has come under fire in recent years, and for valid reasons.

The more we understand the body, it becomes clear that different age groups have different nutritional needs at different stages of life.  This, very much, rings true for calcium supplementation.

For women under 50 years of age and particularly for women under 35, a good quality calcium supplement is still recommended for bone health.

This is because until we reach around the age of 35, women are still able to build bone mass. It’s crucial that in-order-to build strong bones while we are young that we are giving our body enough raw materials to accomplish this.

Many of us get calcium daily from foods such as dairy, cheese, nuts, some vegetables and meats.

But, almost all of us are getting only half to two thirds the recommended amount.

This is where a calcium supplement containing not more than 500mg of elemental calcium becomes beneficial as a top up.

You should not have to get all your daily calcium needs from supplements but, that being said; if you are consistently consuming less that optimal levels of calcium and you are under 35 years of age and especially when pregnant, then you are basically robbing your bones of their precious mineral stores.

If you don’t build up strong bones early in life with nutrition and weight bearing activities, then by the time you reach 40’s all women naturally begin to lose bone mass every decade which results in many older women experiencing osteoporosis when they are elderly.

So, why did I say that women under 50 should still supplement?

This has to do with oestrogen and menopause and the way calcium affects our blood vessels. Studies have shown that calcium supplementation in elderly women isn’t necessarily beneficial to reduce bone loss.

Most of the women in this age group can get enough calcium from daily diet to meet their needs, assuming they eat a well-rounded diet.

This is because at their age, they are no longer building bone, so they do not need as much calcium.

If women over 50 consume too much calcium there is a risk that the excess calcium circulating in the blood can contribute to hardening of the arteries.

One of the reasons women tend to have less heart disease than men is because the oestrogen that has been pumping through our bodies over the first 50 years has actually kept our vessels soft and elastic.

Oestrogen actually helps to prevent hardening of the arteries. So naturally once we go through menopause and our oestrogen levels drop dramatically, then we lose that cardio protective benefit to our blood vessels.

Post-menopause, we don’t need as much calcium and extra calcium in the blood can actually lead to calcification of the existing plaques in the artery walls.

This is why health authorities are starting to rethink calcium recommendations for post-menopausal women.

What to look for in a good Calcium supplement

Now that you have an idea of why and who should supplement with calcium, let’s talk about what to look for in a good calcium supplement.

A good calcium supplement does not need to contain more than 500mg of elemental calcium at a maximum (it’s ok if it contains less).

You cannot absorb more than 500mg of elemental calcium at a time, so there is no point in taking more than that.

It also needs to contain some vitamin D.

Vitamin D is crucial for proper absorption of calcium into the bones.

If you are already taking a daily multi that has magnesium and vitamin K and so forth and just need a top up of calcium then a calcium + vitamin D supplement is a good option.

If you don’t take a daily multi then you’re going to want a calcium complex that has more to it than just calcium and vitamin D.

Other nutrients that are necessary for proper calcium absorption and bone health are; magnesium, vitamin K, boron, vitamin D, manganese, and zinc.

So, read the labels and choose one that best suits your needs.

Our Top Calcium Complex Pick

5. Spirulina

Spirulina is on the top 5 list for women because there are so many health benefits to taking spirulina I couldn’t possibly list them all here.

Not to mention spirulina is a completely natural supplement so all the nutrients it contains are in their natural state and very easy for the body to absorb.

Spirulina is packed full of protein and also contains significant amounts of omega fatty acids, iron, vitamin B-12, numerous trace minerals and powerful carotenoids that are extremely beneficial for eye and skin health.

Iron and B-12 are essential for blood health and can benefit all women who are menstruating. This supplement is especially beneficial for vegetarians, vegans, or people who may not eat a lot of meat.

Vitamin B-12 is mainly found in meat. Deficiency of iron and vitamin B-12 is very common and will lead to anemia, fatigue, slow wound healing as well as numerous other health issues depending on the severity of the deficiency.

Spirulina is an excellent way to naturally obtain these two essential nutrients.

Finally, spirulina has a high chlorophyll content and helps to alkalize and gently detoxify the body giving you more energy and vitality.

Our Top Spirulina Picks

Live Life to the Fullest

As always, a healthy life style with a good diet and regular exercise are important factors to maintaining good health.

Supplementing with the right nutrients is also a smart choice to help prevent chronic illness later in life and also to simply help you live a healthier happier life.

When you feel good you have more energy, you get more done at work and you are able to better maintain relationships.

So look after yourself and live your life to the fullest!

About the author
Claudia is a Clinical Holistic Nutritionist who believes in the power of real food for creating vibrant health.