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Pro Boxer Bowyn Morgan.

NZ Health Food Co have been sponsoring Christchurch based Pro Boxer Bowyn Morgan for the last few years. It has been an exciting time for everyone here to watch him on the big screen as one of the main undercard boxers for the NZ based Joseph Parkers fights.

With an amazing and successful amateur career, when we started working together all that time ago Bowyn was super keen to take his journey to the next level, so I have been thrilled to be able to assist him with some nutritional help including some core dietary changes (top secret!) and of course using some key supplements

KNH Whey Protein

Bowyn uses the Chocolate flavoured KNH Whey Protein Powder after his training. Protein is an essential macro nutrient needed by the body again for some many different structural and functional processes. Research and evidence suggests that consuming protein after a high intensity or strength workout may help towards muscle repair and recovery.

Supplementing the diet with a whey protein drink may be necessary for some but not for all athletes. In Bowyn’s case because he is a pretty busy guy – who works, trains and look’s after his family – it was best to give him a protein shake so he could easily top up his daily protein intake on the go.

The KNH Whey Protein powder is low in sugar, can be added to a smoothie if you want or used on it’s own.


KNH Magnesium Citrate

Magnesium is one of the key minerals that many people tend to be deficient in and is needed for over 300 biochemical processes including muscle contraction/relaxation, cardiovascular function, protein synthesis, immunity and energy metabolism so it was one of my first core supplement’s to suggest to Bowyn.

The KNH Magnesium Citrate gets into the blood stream a lot faster than other types of magnesium minerals so has been super useful for tight muscles, restful sleep and general mineral top needed by Bowyn.

Nuzest Good Green Stuff

This multi nutrient powder is one of the best superfoods around. The complex its self is based on the most up to date scientific research so really well thought out. The benefit of the powder is it is easily digested so will get into the blood stream fast.

It is perfect as a general top up of nutrients, but also the combination of herbs are perfect for energy production, support digestive health and also support stress and immunity.

Bowyn has this one a day and in particular is one of the number one supplements I ask him to take when he is in the lead up to his major events to ensure he is getting in the extra nutrients his body requires.

KNH Mega Fish Oil

I have written about the benefits of fish oil before and why it is called an Essential Fatty Acid. In terms of why I suggest this to Bowyn, EFA’s are important for stress (all that training etc results in cortisol production), essential for balancing inflammation (well there would be a fair amount of that in boxing I would think!), essential for heart health, brain health.. the list goes on and on.

Although Bowyn enjoys his salmon, it is still essential for him to top this up so this is another staple for him.


KNH Ginkgo Biloba

Now this one I chose for Bowyn because of essentially, I want him to look after his brain. Let’s face it… in a sport like boxing there are undoubtedly knocks to the head, and with emerging research around how these knocks may affect the brain health I thought it would be necessary to add this one.

Ginkgo Biloba is a herb that has a bit of research on it being used successfully for brain health. It has actually been used for centuries to help with memory and circulation.

It has very high antioxidant properties so will offer good protection in other area’s of the body.

One of Bowyn’s most recent fight’s was in Auckland at the JP Duco event saw him come back from a loss and move his record to 8-1. The recent fight has just been here in Christchurch and of course, he won!

NZ Health Food are #teambowyn 


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