Summer time is here!

Summer time

Did you know that the skin is the largest excretory organ of the body?

Meaning it is one of the key organs to help rid of toxins from the body. If you suffer from acne, dermatitis, eczema, rashes etc you may need to consider some supplements to support good detoxification. This does not mean you need to do an all-out 4 week cleanse (although I would thoroughly recommend you do this at some point in time!) but just taking a supplement to make sure you are clearing out the much from inside will help your skin for sure!

Below is some products to try:

KNH Milk Thistle

Kiwiherb Liver Cleanse

NZHF Blood Support

KNH Organic Acai

Nutra-Life Detox or Cleanse

Artemis Kidney Cleanse tea

Artemis Liver Detox Tea


Drink water! 

Yes I aim to drink a bit more water to help improve my skin elasticity! I might even make up a jug of Artemis Tea to have cold….hmmmmm maybe the kidney cleanse tea? As one of my dear friends always say’s, “Hydrate or die”… bit extreme I know byt my cells will love me for it!

Skin scrub

Gentle dry skin scrubbing is supposed to be very good for your skin, not only does it help to remove that yucky dead skin, but it also helps to promote good circulation. I have wanted to try this for years and years and for whatever reason have never done it. So I AM going to try this year and see what improvements I have.


Shower scrub

I love a good shower scrub! I love the smell and feel of a good all over scrub. Especially as I am about to embark on a self tanning journey this will be absolutely necessary for that even coverage.. so I am told!

We have some really delicious scrubs in store and online:

Sukin Coffee & Coconut scrub

Sukin Renewing Body Scrub

Wild Ferns Manuka Honey Body Scrub

Wild Ferns Rotorua Body Scrub

Speaking of scrubs, I absolutely love love love the Oasis Fruit Smoothie – a two in one mask/exfoliator. It is super gentle but not so gentle that you feel like it hasn’t done it’s job. It smells super delicious and if you leave it on for a little bit extra it works as an amazing face mask. I follow this up with the Oasis Berry Tonic…as the song goes…. “so fresh and so clean”.

Did you know?

Did you know that exercise causes oxidative damage to the body?! No I’m not about to tell you to not go out for your daily walk (some of you may wish!) This point is oxidative damage happens in the most normal biochemical processes, but also happens when we are exposed to toxins through food, chemicals and pollutants etc.


The best thing we can do:

The best thing we can do it to make sure we are eating a range of brightly coloured vegetables and fruits as well as consume fresh herbs and spices to ensure we get a good amount of antioxidants into our body. I like to go above and beyond food though as I really want to make sure my body has the ability to mop up that free radical damage so I always take an antioxidant supplement.

Free radical damage can be evident in the skin when it start’s to look blotchy. Sometimes called age spots I understand them to be liver spots where free radical damage could be happening faster than you might know.

Products to try:

KNH Resveratrol

KNH Organic Acai

Ethical Nutrients Antioxidant Selenium Complex

– Nutra-Life Pine Bark Extract

Kiwiherb Echiberry



If there is one thing I am very slack at is moisturising my legs/body. My face I am up to play with no worries but U get lazy when it comes to the rest of my body. So…. I am going to commit to a daily ritual of moisturising. If I can stick out a week maybe I can begin that good habit!

Products to try:

Sukin Moisture Rich Body Creme

Oasis Toner

Wild Ferns Manuka Honey Body Butter

– Sukin Sensitive Body Lotion


Finally… Gotta make sure that I have a good sunscreen for when I do go out into the sun! And that is for sure the Oasis Sun which is SPF30 and gentle enough to use on even little one’s. It is packed with natural ingredients, so suitable for sensitive skin.

Roll on summer!

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