Spring Clean Yourself!

Spring Clean Yourself!

Well, it’s nearly that time of the year again, when the sun begins to stay out a bit longer, the birds start to chirp a bit more and the beautiful flowers begin to bloom. Are we all ready to bloom yet?!

Not sure about you guys, but even though this winter wasn’t as bad as last years, I made like a bear and hibernated for most of it! My excuse for not getting out for even a walk was that it was too dark and too cold! (YAY for Winter and awesome excuses!)

But now that the days seem to be getting slightly longer, I’m thinking ‘oh yes’, I feel a tad bit sluggish and how am i going to get into the spirit of Spring.

Yes Spring is in the air so it’s time to start thinking of ways to spring clean not only our homes but ourselves. Time to ditch the winter hibernating treats and start using food and supplements to give us a spring in our step to ready ourselves for summer! Woo hoo

Traditionally many natural health practitioners would say do a detox, and yes this can be an awesome first step but, if you don’t feel like this is quite for you and you want some simple spring cleaning changes, here are some strategies for you to try:

1. Get active

I know, I know, this is probably the hardest if you have been lacking motivation for some time. But just try even 10-15 minutes of simple walking, and as the days become warmer and longer you will hopefully get the drive to keep going a bit further.

There is a lot of good research to show how just getting out into open green spaces can help not only our physical health but our mental health.

For some it even helps to a deep spiritual level as it can help re-connect us to our environment. And lets face it, we are so fortunate here in New Zealand, even in the hustle and bustle of the busy city we do not have to go far to find a beautiful area of open green space.


2. Go green

Don’t forget to eat your greens!

Yes I know, for some it may seem obvious but for other’s a bit harder to do. However, eating your green leafy vegetables has a whole lot of importance for spring cleaning. These vegetables are naturally high in chlorophyll which targets the liver, supporting the organ so it can help our body’s detoxify but it is an awesome antioxidant so will help to mop up some of the yucky free radical damage (oxidative damage) that happens day in and day out. And also people! If we eat enough of the natural green leafy stuff, the fibre will help to ensure we stay regular but will also help to control hunger and cravings.

Can’t get enough in your diet and want more?

That’s when you would try out a chlorophyll supplements or any one of the awesome superfoods or green supplements to help increase your cleansing power.


3. Consider your Digestion

Ever wonder that your constipation or loose bowel motions might not be normal?

Have you learnt to live with your abdominal pain? Have you been on stomach lowering meds for a while? Is your loved one.. over your flatulence? Any type of spring clean should consider the state of your digestive health.

Any issues with digestion may actually be causing low immune function, stress, mood health and even the state of your energy.

There are many supplement that can be helpful in this area and will also complement a spring clean because ultimately it will target the liver which is a power house spring cleanser. But also, our intestines are a cleanser too, making sure the bad goes out and the good stays in!

There are some great supplements that NZ Health Food stock that could be helpful such as:


4: Drink water or go herbal

Many people get out of the habit of drinking water in the winter because it is so cold! However, this is probably the time we need it the most, because we are exposed to air conditioning, the car heater, log wood burners, our cosy electric blankets..boy do we keep ourselves warm!

So if you cannot handle drinking just water, think about drinking herbal teas!

There is a lots of great ranges out there! My top favourites are all from the Artemis range of loose herbal tea’s. Those who know me well know that I absolutely LOVE LOVE their slim and trim tea. The range of herbs help to stablise blood sugar levels as well as boost your energy! I make some up and pour it into my 600ml drinking bottle and sip away. I have managed to cut out snacks in this way, and I do not get HANGRY at all!

They also have the Liver Detox tea and Kidney Cleanse which are go to tea’s for me. Think about it.. the liver and the kidney’s are the main elimination organs processing toxins so they can be excreted through our bowel motions and urine. When these two organs are not working well and are a bit sluggish, our third main elimination organs, the skin, may begin to suffer. Dermatitis, eczema, rashes, acne etc may be due to poor bowel motions or low urine output.

So these tea’s are a really awesome and an EASY way to promote good detoxification.


5. Antioxidant’s

There is so much to spring cleaning the body and it is not just about getting the ,muck out but also, what happens to the ‘dust’ (oxidative damage) that naturally occurs. As the name suggests any antioxidant will help to clear the oxidative stress.

Eating foods that are brightly coloured is a good first step, but spring is still a bit of a tricky time for the availability of a range of these awesome foods.

Consider an antioxidant supplement such as the KNH Resveratrol, KNH Acai or the Ethical Nutrients Antioxidant Selenium Protect.  These are an awesome way of getting a good amount of good quality antioxidants into our body.


At NZ Health Food we have a range of awesome super foods, digestive supplements, teas and antioxidants that will help you with your Spring Cleanse. Feel free to ask us any questions by contacting us



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