Menopause Symptoms

What Is Menopause And How To Cope With The Symptoms

Every woman throughout in her life, goes through many changes in her body. Every woman is born with a fixed number of eggs that she releases each month during her menstruating years. Once these eggs start decreasing in number, she stops menstruating and reaches the stage of menopause.

Menopause is a change in life that every woman has to deal with. The condition is natural but it comes with a few unpleasant side effects. The good news is that these symptoms are only temporary and go away with time.

When does menopause occur?

The onset of menopause usually occurs between the ages of 45 and 50. In some women, it occurs before the age of 40 and this is known as premature menopause. A condition called perimenopause usually starts during the early to mid 40s. The periods start becoming irregular and when menopause occurs they stop altogether.

What are the symptoms of menopause?

There are some signs of menopause. They include:

  • No period – If you go six months or longer without having your monthly menstrual cycles and if you are not pregnant, then you may have hit menopause. It is still important to speak to your doctor and find out the exact cause of your missed period as if you haven’t reached menopause and you are not menstruating, it may hint towards some serious underlying health issues.
  • Hot flashes – This is an uncomfortable symptom associated with menopause. Most women experience hot flashes that last from between a few seconds to almost 10 minutes. The hot flashes are accompanied by sweat, palpitation, redness of the skin and severe discomfort. So if you have been experiencing a lot of hot flashes of late, you may be experiencing a symptom of menopause.
  • Mood swings – Unfortunately, the changing hormones can play havoc on your mood and you may feel distressed during this time. Going suddenly from feeling very happy to very sad is a common symptom of menopause. To ease such incidents, you must keep yourself occupied and have as many positive thoughts as possible.
  • Insomnia – Menopause is a change of life and so it brings with it many changes in your lifestyle as well. The most obvious change can bein your sleeping patterns. Many women experience insomnia or a lack of sleep. Feeling tired at all times and not being able to rest can be a bit unpleasant. Some tips to combat insomnia include trying to relax as much as possible and going to sleep at fixed times. This may help ease the issues of insomnia and give you an easier transition at this time.
  • Dry and itchy vagina – Menopause brings with it many hormonal changes. The ovaries start limiting the production of the female hormones estrogen and progesterone. As a result, the vagina may experience dryness and discomfort. Some women may have trouble during sexual intercourse. However, there are many lotions and lubricants available that help solve this problem. Speak to your doctor and get a lubricant that’s best for you.

Dealing with menopause

Menopause is a part of life and many women may have a difficult time dealing with it. So if you are going through menopause right now and feel a little down, don’t worry as you are not the only one having these feelings out there.

There are millions of other women all over the world who may be feeling exactly the same way and millions more who have already gone through it.

At such time, however, it is important to share your thoughts with others and get all your doubts cleared. Join a support group, speak to your doctor and speak to your loved ones about your concerns.

Try to relax and accept the change. Also, make sure you eat properly, exercise and get enough rest so that your body can adjust to the change in a smooth manner. Menopause does not have to have an impact on your daily life…stay positive and look ahead to the future.

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