Cheers to National Hot Tea Month!

To celebrate National Hot Tea Month, here is a simple, healthy, and natural hot tea brew that will leave you feeling all warm inside and has added health benefits. This easy Mānuka Honey & Lemon Tea requires just 3 everyday ingredients and will be ready in just 5 mins!  

The History Behind National Hot Tea Day  

National Hot Tea Day celebrates the soothing qualities of tea and drinking tea is the perfect way to start the New Year with a sound mind and body. Tea drinking dates back nearly 5000 years, and was first consumed in China in 2737 BC, when Emperor Shen Nong accidentally imbibed it after tea leaves blew into his boiling water.  

It then went from being a medicinal beverage to a casual beverage around 300 BC. It has long been tied to Britain, but it was not until the seventeenth century that it became truly popular, when the upper class began drinking it. At the time, it was rather expensive and taxed by the government.  

Four out of five American’s drink tea, and the United States is the third-largest importer of tea in the world after Russia and Pakistan. Around the world, sugar, honey, and milk are often added to it.  

True tea comes from the Camellia sinensis plant. The main types of teas are black, green, white, dark, yellow and oolong. They all come from the same plant – their differences lie in how they are processed. Tea leaves begin to oxidize after they are picked. White tea is the least oxidized, green tea is more oxidized, and black tea is the most oxidized. Dark tea is fermented after it is manufactured.   

UMF 5+ Mānuka Honey  

A must add to your hot, black, or green tea is the NZHF UMF 5+ Mānuka honey, sourced from the purest areas throughout New Zealand’s beautiful South Island. Golden in colour and has a sweet creamy taste that is only found in the remote areas of these southern lands – right in New Zealand Health Food’s backyard. The perfect addition to the below brew!  


How to  

  1. Mix the NZHF UMF 5+ Mānuka honey, and lemon juice in the bottom of your cup while you boil the kettle.  
  1. Add in your chosen herbal tea  
  1. Once the kettle is boiled, pour over the hot water  
  1. Add a slice of lemon or even a slice of ginger for extra flavour  
  1. Stir and enjoy!  

Extra Tip: Try adding a splash of whiskey to make a quick hot toddy!  

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