5 Habits To Adopt For Healthy Hair

Whether you keep your hair natural, dye and/or style it, it can be tricky to keep your hair healthy. What many people don’t realise is that getting sleek, shiny and healthy hair is so much more than just what shampoo or conditioner you use. We want you to have the hair care routine you need to get gorgeous hair. This is why we’re going to outline five tips for healthy hair below.

Five Tips for Healthy Hair

Getting healthy hair doesn’t need to be a huge challenge. All it takes is a little patience and TLC to transform your hair from damaged to healthy. Using these five tips can get you well on your way.

1. Boost Your Vitamin Intake

One of the most common causes of dry, damaged and weak hair is a vitamin deficiency. You have to nourish your hair from the inside out, and this all starts with taking the correct vitamins every day. For people experiencing hair loss, vitamin A can help encourage strong hair growth.

B-vitamins are also extremely important for hair growth and strength in general, and vitamin C can block damage that causes brittle hair. Vitamin D encourages new hair growth, and vitamin E can shield your scalp from damage due to oxidative stress.

2. Be Mindful of Heat

Many people use heat to straighten or style their hair. Applying too much heat can lead to very dry and damaged hair, especially if you do it every day. You can also end up with split ends and breakage all over your scalp.

While you don’t have to get rid of heat entirely to save your hair, you should be careful with the level you use and how much you use it. Use heat tools that come with a range of settings, and keep it in the low or medium range. Make sure your hair is well hydrated before you apply heat. Finally, always use a protectant to act as a barrier between your hair and the heat.

3. Cleanse Your Scalp and Hair Regularly

Healthy hair may start from inside, but your hair needs a healthy and clean environment to grow. This means that routinely cleaning your scalp to ward off any buildup is key. A dirty scalp can lead to clogged pores or clogged follicles. If this happens, it can very quickly slow down your hair growth. Dirty hair also produces more oil, and it can lead to flaking.

How often you cleanse your scalp and hair depends on your routine and how much product you put in your hair. If you work out every day or find yourself using a lot of products, it’s a good idea to cleanse it daily. If not, every other day is another good option. You can use hair supplements to get rid of any buildup and prevent flaking while keeping the natural oil in your hair intact.

4. Get Regular Haircuts or Trims

If you want your hair to grow, getting routine trims or haircuts can seem detrimental to your goal. However, they’re essential for getting your hair healthy and keeping it that way. Make a point to schedule a trim every three months or so. The stylist only has to take off the tips of your ends, or an inch at most. When they do this, they’ll be getting rid of the split, broken or damaged ends that can negatively impact your hair health.

5. Shampoo with Quality Products

Harsh shampoos can strip the natural moisture and oil out of your hair and leave it exposed to the elements. When this happens, you have a recipe for damaged and dry hair that gets worse each time you wash it. Instead, go for natural shampoos that match your hair type. This will give them a nutrient boost and protect the natural oils.

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