How BioFreeze Helps Relieve Pain

Benefits of BioFreeze

Joint pain and muscle soreness are conditions that almost everyone has experienced at least once in their lives. Some people resort to pharmaceutical drugs to help relieve the pain and while this could help, there are alternatives to pain relief.

This is where BioFreeze comes in…it is a modern health product that has been specifically developed to address both acute and chronic pain.

How does BioFreeze Work

When your body is limited by pain and unable to exercise, the healing process can take a long time. BioFreeze helps in breaking the cycle of pain and facilitates the therapeutic effect by relieving pain.

The method is known as ‘gating’ or ‘Gate Control Theory’. In this theory, the menthol acts on the skin’s specific sensory receptors and blocks the other receptors from sending pain signals to the brain. BioFreeze stimulates the cold receptors in the skin and helps reduce pain in a way that’s quite similar to ice application or cryotherapy.

Benefits of BioFreeze

BioFreeze helps provides relief from numerous forms of injuries and ailments such as:

 – Shoulder and arm discomfort

 – Back pain

 – Arthritis pain

 – Painful joints

 – Ankle or foot pain

 – Muscle soreness or strain

 – Sports injuries

BioFreeze also helps support the recovery process from injuries. Even if you’re not an athlete, it is useful to have it in the house as it can help provide comfort for sprained or twisted ankles.

For athletes, it can help them endure pain longer as well as help in the healing process. If the injury is minor knock, most of the time the coach or team doctor will apply a product like Biofreeze to the affected area for quick relief so that the player/athlete can continue with the game/event.

BioFreeze gel is very simple to use as it can be applied on any area of the body that requires treatment. The best thing about it is that it acts almost immediately, without you having to wait minutes or hours for the effects to take place.

Some people have found that heating the desired area a little bit before applying BioFreeze can help enhance the effects of this gel. This is because the heat helps the muscles relax which promotes improved blood flow to the area and ultimately faster relief and recovery.

Helping with Acute and Chronic Pain

BioFreeze has been around for more than 20 years and its cryotherapy effects have managed to bring much needed relief to various strains and sprains. If applied after an acute injury or strenuous activity it lowers the pain as the metabolic demand for the tissues is reduced.

BioFreeze can be also used on muscle spasms as it allows those muscles to relax faster, helping the recovery process.

Chronic pain in some cases can actually be worse than acute pain. Whereas acute pain is usually more intense, it wears off fairly quickly. However, chronic pain is usually associated with long term discomfort which can have a negative effect on a person’s quality of life…impacting their movement, sleeping patterns and other areas of their daily life.

One condition that is always associated with chronic pain is arthritis. As there is no cure for arthritis, those suffering from this condition have to resort to finding ways to ease their pain and/or make it more manageable. Most of the time this means taking prescription painkillers which can have serious side effects.

As a topical painkiller BioFreeze is an invaluable form of pain relief for various muscle strains and joint conditions like arthritis.

Other features of BioFreeze include:

 – Quick and easy application

 – Fast penetration

 – Natural, non-greasy, non-staining formula

 – Not tested on animals

 – 100% paraben-free

If you want to have something in your home or in your gym bag that can give you instant relief from muscle pain and minor strains, then you should seriously consider using BioFreeze. You can read more about this product by clicking here

Source: The BioFreeze website

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